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Eliza's Art
Art, Cats, Harps and other stuff
I have a give away on my blog at http://elvenhair.blogspot.com/

I also have a sale on at Etsy - I have to raise money for Gem's operation. You can read about it on my blog as well.

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Modofly has released some books with my art on them!

http://modofly.myshopify.com/products/jaguar-p-eliza-leahy-p (that's
one of the pictures that sold in the show, first day in fact!)

Please feel free to spread the word! I'd love to see people using
these books :)

Eliza ambrov Halwyn
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OH my goodness!

I wrote a story.

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We are making a sign for the scratchboard show - it's an international one with artists from around the globe. It's called Scratching the Surface and I got the "i" in the "ing".

Does this look like an i? heehee

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Many years ago I inherited a cookbook... It is hand written for the most part, with some cuttings from newspapers, magazines and food boxes loose between its pages.

It belonged to a neighbour who was an amazingly wonderful cook - Mrs Milliner. She was a little old lady when I was a kid, and had been keeping this book since she was young - so I don't know how old it is, but must be 80 - 90+ years!

When I got it out to make the Christmas cakes this year I realised it was falling apart and really needed to be saved. So I decided to make a website and put it up so that everyone would have access to it.

It's going to be a huge task putting everything online. I've started putting a few headings up that I will make into links when I have the recipes up - but I have only put up a few headings - there are .... I have no idea how many recipes in this book.

Also so household hints - some really helpful, some really out of date and funny.


On the main page there you will see a bit that asks you to join the mailing list - do please join. It will only be used once a week or so, when I get time to put new recipes up.

And please tell other folks about it - this book deserves to be seen and used!

Thanks :)
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Prints available - if you are into this sort of thing! Mwhahahahaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!
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tattoosfade from the community "cat-lovers" won the pick of my prints!

I spun the wheel of my mouse with my eyes closed and clicked, and that was the name that was highlighted.

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I've been wanting to do a griffin, but couldn't think of a pose. Muffet gave me inspiration because she perches on Zoe's arm, like a hawk. So this griffin is a little one, it hunts at night and catches the same sort of things that owls catch. It's scratchboard, and I wanted to make her clothing look like they have been hand woven and dyed with natural dyes, so I kept it muted.

And here is the Muffet. :)

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In honour of my new website (took me three days, but I finally finished it!) I'm going to give away a print from my store. Any print you like.

How do you get it? You leave a comment here (errr, maybe not a rude one!) and on the 9th of December I'll pull one out of a hat at random and whoever that is gets to go to my website at http://www.elizasart.com a pick a print! All prints are 8" x 10" an I'll make sure that the give away one is one of the special ones that comes with a mat, all ready to put into an 11" x 14" frame.

So go visit http://www.elizasart.com and see if there are any there that appeal to you! :)

Good luck!
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and a close up...

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